Why intercalate at UEA? Why intercalate at UEA?

Norwich Medical School is a great place to study and offers one of the strongest intercalation programs in the country.

In contrast to most other medical schools where students are only offered the opportunity to intercalate undergraduate (bachelors) degrees, at UEA we recommend you intercalate either after completing year 3 or year 4 of your MBBS degree and undertake a postgraduate (Masters level) degree course.

We offer a bespoke masters degree which is designed to:

  • Provide experience of research in clinical specialties or laboratory medicine
  • Make your CV more competitive by giving you the chance to present and publish your work during your year away from the MBBS
  • Provide maximum opportunity to access the clinical academic career pathway.

We also provide two more specialist courses which provide specific training in Clinical Teaching and Biomedical Research. As a member of the thriving clinical-academic program in Norwich you will automatically become a member of the Norwich Academic Trainee Committee (NATC) which provides support and networking opportunities for like-minded clinicians including those enrolled in our academic F2, academic clinical fellow (ACF), and academic clinical lecturer (ACL) programs.

Discover our courses

Masters in Clinical Science (MRes)

Master of Clinical Education (MCE)

Masters in Molecular Medicine (MSc)

Masters in Health Economics (MSc)