Read about the Expertise of our Mathematicians Read about the Expertise of our Mathematicians

UEA mathematicians have a proven track record of working with outside organisations. This pages lists some of the areas of expertise that we could use to help your business.

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid–Structure Interaction

Including liquid splashes and jets, impacts of water waves on structures, slamming of ships, and liquid-cargo impacts inside containers, ice dynamics, ocean and atmosphere modelling.

Aerodynamics and Acoustics

Including receptivity and boundary layer transition, ground effect, ultrasound scattering in colloids

Biological Modelling

Including applications to blood flow; tissue engineering, digestion, biomolecular aggregates, and medical devices. For further information, see Research in Mathematical Biology.

Industrial Modelling

Expertise in modelling a wide variety of industrial problems, producing mathematical descriptions that can then be used in simulations or solved directly to provide insight or predictions as to how the system will behave. For further information, see Research in Industrial Mathematics.

Mathematical Methods and Techniques

Employing a variety of advanced mathematical techniques, which can be applied to help solve other problems. These techniques include analytical function theory, asymptotic analysis, boundary integral methods, dynamical systems methods, numerical methods, spectral analysis.

Further details of research and expertise can be found on our Applied Maths Research pages.