Understanding and influencing business regulation policy Understanding and influencing business regulation policy

The Centre for Competition Policy (CCP) explores competition policy from the perspective of economics, law, business and political science.

The Centre's research strategy is underpinned by the belief that a properly regulated, competitive market provides consumers with the products they want at the best possible prices. Competition policy provides the framework to encourage businesses to compete both productively and fairly.

The research programme brings together economic, legal, management, political science and sociological research expertise to produce inter-disciplinary competition policy research with global relevance.

The ground-breaking Centre was established with a grant from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and undertakes multi-perspective research into competition policy which is uncompromising in its academic rigour but with real-world policy relevance.

CCP is independent of, but has close links with, regulatory authorities including the European Commission, Competition Commission, Office of Fair Trading, BIS, Ofgem, Ofcom, World Bank and private sector practitioners.

The Centre produces a regular series of working papers, policy briefings and publications throughout the year and engages practitioners through regular conferences, workshops and seminars. CCP researchers also regularly provide up to the minute commentary on relevant issues and developing research areas.

Theme members

Professor Morten Hviid , Director (School of Law)

Professor Bruce Lyons , Deputy Director (School of Economics)

Dr Farasat Bokhari (School of Economics)

Professor David Cooper (School of Economics)

Dr Subhasish Modak Chowdhury (School of Economics)

Professor Stephen Davies (School of Economics)

Professor Paul Dobson (Norwich Business School)
Professor Enrique Fatas (School of Economics)

Professor Amelia Fletcher (Norwich Business School)
Sven Gallasch (School of Law)

Dr Chris Hanretty (School of Political, Social and International Studies)
Professor Michael Harker (School of Law)
Professor Hussein Kassim (School of Political, Social and International Studies)

Dr Sang-Hyun Kim (School of Economics)
Dr Franco Mariuzzo (School of Economics)
Professor Eugenio Miravete Marin (School of Economics)
Dr Peter Ormosi (Norwich Business School)
Dr Andrea Patacconi (Norwich Business School)
Professor Andreas Stephan (School of Law)
Professor John Street (School of Political, Social and International Studies)

Professor Robert Sugden (School of Economics)

Dr Nicholas Vasilakos (Norwich Business School)

Professor Catherine Waddams (Norwich Business School)

Professor Christopher Wadlow (School of Law)

Professor Daniel Zizzo (School of Economics)

The Centre for Competition Policy (CCP)