Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science

I have worked at UEA for five years full-time, moving directly from clinical practice as a paramedic into a teaching role. I began as a lecturer, before progressing to Senior Lecturer and have been involved in the course development since 2014. Prior to joining UEA I had delivered lectures in physiology as an Associate Tutor, which gave me some teaching experience prior to completing a PGCert in Higher Education and an MSc in Advanced Practice during my time at UEA. Both were funded by the university, and I was supported by members of the team and wider faculty to succeed with a distinction. I am one of the Admissions Officers for the BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science course which involves delivering talks on Open Days and interviewing prospective candidates. Part of my teaching role is as a module organiser, so I am currently responsible for delivering 100 credits of the programme. This is predominantly in the areas of pathophysiology, skills and clinical decision making, whilst embedding the professional values that are all part of excelling as a paramedic. 

The outcome from the two qualifications led (I believe) to improvements in my teaching style, and widened my clinical and academic knowledge.  In my opinion, this led to a nomination in May 2017 for the Student Union’s Transforming Education Awards, in the category of ‘Most Inspiring Teaching’. This nomination was repeated in May 2018, and this time I won this award. I was then also presented with the Vice-Chancellors award in the same evening, which was hugely rewarding. The qualifications and UEA support also led to developing my confidence around writing literature for publication, with my most recent paper being a literature review in the International Journal of Emergency Services examining the organisational factors relating to absence for frontline ambulance staff. 

The consistent support from the UEA faculty has made a large impact on helping me achieve my goals. I believe myself to be a focussed individual, with my personal aims very much entwined with achieving excellence in paramedic education. I love my job, and my ethos is in encouraging students to be the best that they can possibly be. To me, the highest quality is always what we should aim for in patient care, and this should be reflected through high quality teaching.


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