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General Apprenticeship Enquiries (current and new employers)

Enquiries from employers or interested candidates about health-related apprenticeships:

  • Nursing Associate Apprenticeship
  • Nursing Degree Apprenticeship (adult, children’s and learning disabilities fields)
  • Occupation Therapy Degree Apprenticeship
  • Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) Apprenticeship

Enquires about Recognition/Accreditation of Prior Learning

The Trainee Nursing Associates programme is currently under review.

Trainee Nursing Associate Apprenticeship

The Trainee Nursing Associate Apprenticeship is a 24 month Higher Apprenticeship delivered by the School of Health Sciences and City College Norwich, enabling apprentices to gain a Foundation Degree, Apprenticeship award and eligibility to register as a Nursing Associate with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Commitment Statement

The commitment statement is completed by the Apprentice at the start of their apprenticeship with input from their employer and apprentice adviser. Further details are sent to apprentices at the start of their studies. This statement is revisited during each Tripartite Review meeting and updates must be communicated back to your Hub.

Programme conditions

The apprentice is asked to read and sign these programme conditions at the start of their programme of study. It is important they take time to understand all aspects of the information and all requirements.  

Programme conditions 

Apprenticeship Progress Review

The apprenticeship progress review process is a requirement of the apprenticeship programme. All apprentices and their employers are required to meet with the apprentice adviser at regular intervals throughout the academic year to review progress on the programme and look ahead to the next year. 

HEE Curriculum September and November 2018 and February 2019 Cohorts Only

Student Handbook

All information specific to your programme of study can be found in your course handbook (see below), your course specific Blackboard sites (CCN and UEA) and via the Studentzone Website.


February 2019 Cohort Student Handbook (PDF)

HEE Trainee Nursing Associate Programme Hours Brochure (PDF)

HEE Trainee Nursing Associate Programme Hours Guidance (PDF)

NMC Curriculum- September 2019 Cohort Onwards

Course Handbook

February, May and September 2021 Cohort Student Handbook (PDF)

Assessments Handbook

NMC Programme Hours

NMC programme Hours Guidance

TNA Programme Hours NMC Curriculum from September 2019 from Rosie Doy on Vimeo.

Resources for All Cohorts

Guidance Materials for Year 1 Assessment Episode of Care (EoC)

Please walk through the guidance document in conjunction with the year 1 Practice Assessment Document.

Practice Assessors, TNAs and their Workplace and Placement Supervisors may find it useful to look at the short screencast first then move onto the 16 minute narrated PowerPoint video.

to prepare. The dates for the September and November 2019 cohorts and the February 2019 group are indicated in the guidance document.

Additional support and briefing is being cascaded in partner organisations and will eventually be part of the core updates for all Practice Assessors and Practice Supervisors.

With thanks to our valued service users -Abi and Jeremy for their feedback and ideas during the development of this guidance and screencast.

Trainee Nursing Associate Episode of Care Assessment Guidance

A brief walkthrough guide:


A detailed guide on how the Episode of Care should be marked and conducted:

HEE Curriculum September and November 2018 and February 2019 Cohorts ONLY

Supervision and Assessment of the TNA (PPT)

Supervisor Self Assessment Wheel (DOC)

Supervisor Case Study (DOC)

Supervision and Assessment of your Progress (PDF)

Preparing to Supervise and Assess the Trainee Nursing Associate (Video)


Additional Videos 

Practice Hours narrated Powerpoint for TNAs from Rosie Doy on Vimeo.

Assessment Jisgaw (Video)


Practice Supervisor, Trainee and Practice Assessor Handbooks

This Practice Education Handbook is designed to support Trainee Nursing Associate (TNA) apprentices, their Practice Supervisors and Practice Assessors during the programme. Thank you to those supervisors and assessors for agreeing to supervise a TNA. 

The information in this handbook will help to guide you through the programme and you should read through it to familiarise yourself with programme and University of East Anglia (UEA) regulations. This handbook is designed for staff who may or may not have supervised before and so the information is written with this in mind. 

Practice Supervisor, Trainee and Practice Assessor Handbook (PDF)

Practice Assessment Document

The Practice Assessment Document (PAD) is designed to support and guide the apprentice towards successfully achieving the Parameters of Practice as set out in the Nursing Associate Curriculum Framework (HEE, 2017), the NMC Draft Standards of Proficiency (April 2018) and the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship Standard (2017). The PAD makes up a significant part of the overall programme assessment.  

It is the apprentice’s responsibility to keep their Practice Assessment Document with them at all times in practice, in order to review progress with their Practice Supervisor, Practice Assessor and/or Academic Assessor and Link Lecturer.

NMC Curriculum- September 2019 Cohort Onwards

Nursing Associate Practice Assessment Document [PAD] Year One (PDF)

Nursing Associate Practice Assessment Document [PAD] Year Two (PDF)

Nursing Associate Ongoing Achievement Record [OAR] (PDF)

Practice Education Handbook (PDF)