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General Apprenticeship Enquiries (current and new employers)

Enquiries from employers or interested candidates about health-related apprenticeships:

  • Nursing Associate Apprenticeship
  • Nursing Degree Apprenticeship (adult, children’s and learning disabilities fields)
  • Occupation Therapy Degree Apprenticeship
  • Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) Apprenticeship

Enquires about Recognition/Accreditation of Prior Learning

Commitment Statement

The commitment statement is completed by the Apprentice at the start of their apprenticeship with input from their employer and apprentice adviser. Further details are sent to apprentices at the start of their studies. This statement is revisited during each Tripartite Review meeting and updates must be communicated back to your Hub.

Programme Conditions

The apprentice is asked to read and sign these programme conditions at the start of their programme of study. It is important they take time to understand all aspects of the information and all requirements.  

Programme conditions (PDF)

Apprenticeship Progress Review

The apprenticeship progress review process is a requirement of the apprenticeship programme. All apprentices and their employers are required to meet with the apprentice adviser at regular intervals throughout the academic year to review progress on the programme and look ahead to the next year of study.