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Here you will find information and documents relating to curriculum, assessment of practice and standards and guidelines.


Practice Assessor and Supervisor Documents

Changes to Practice Assessment Presentation (PDF)

Resource to support mentor transition to Pratice Assessor/Supervisor (PDF)

Practice Supervisor and Assessor Certificate (Word)

Practice Supervisor Certificate (Word)

Child Nursing Field Spoke Placement 


NMC Standards for Supervision and Assessment (SSSA)

UEA Draft Operational Plan for Implementation of SSSA (PDF)

NMC Standards for education and training Part 1 (PDF)

NMC Standards for education and training Part 2 (PDF)

NMC Standards for education and training Part 3 (PDF)

NMC Future nurse: Standards of proficiency for registered nurses (PDF)

NMC Education Framework and Future nurse implementation (PPT)


Part 1 Proficiencies and simulation session mapping

UEA S19 cohort (PDF)


Pan-Midlands, Yorkshire and East of England Practice Learning Group (MYE PLG) Updates

Core Update Presentation (PDF)

MYEPLG On-Line Core Update (Web Link)

Assessment of Practice Documents with Nursing Domains (mapped against NMC SSSA)

Assessment of Practice - Adult

Adult 4Adult 5,  Adult 6

Assessment of Practice - Children

Child 4Child 5Child 6

Assessment of Practice - Learning Disability

Learning Disability 4Learning Disability 5,  Learning Disability 6

Assessment of Practice - Mental Health

Mental Health 4Mental Health 5Mental Health 6

Assessment of Practice - Nursing Degree Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship 3Apprenticeship 4Apprenticeship 5Apprenticeship 6

Assessment Guidance for Mentors Flowchart

Action Plan (PDF) 

Midlands, Yorkshire and East Practice Assessment Document (MYEPAD)

MYEPAD Part 1 (Word)

MYEPAD Part 2 (Word)

MYEPAD Part 3 (Word)

Guide to using the Practice Assessment Document (Word)

Ongoing Achievement Record (Word)