Critical Cultural Studies In Education

Critical Cultural Studies in Education is a growing and vibrant group of researchers interested in the overlaps between culture and education.  

Our group is interested in popular cultures, media and public pedagogies and the ways they are folded into larger cultural, political and social narratives. Members are also interested in the changing nature and role of language in a range of contemporary contexts as well as the evolution of the field of digital sociologies and digital ethics. 

Members of this group have researched and published in the areas of social networking, youth identities, gender, sexuality and sport, rhetoric in contemporary contexts, public pedagogy, youth literacies, technologies and more recently, the challenges of relativist approaches to ‘truth’, big data, and the significance of young people’s imaginaries of the future.

Our work draws from a broad and purposefully interdisciplinary background. Individually and as a unit, we are active in developing and using new methodological and theoretical approaches - post qualitative approaches, posthumanism, new materialisms, affect - to bring insights relevant to young people’s lives and education in the current socioeconomic, cultural and political moment.

The group is interested in supporting research collaboration, both within UEA and further afield. We continue to seek new partners, funding opportunities, and a variety of forums through which to engage in discussions around culture and education.