Economics Seminar Series Economics Seminar Series

Autumn 2018

The Autumn 2018 Seminar Series is organised by Michael Kummer.

Seminars are hosted between 13:30 and 15:00, unless otherwise stated.




04 Oct Registry 3.15

Marit Hinnosaar (Collegio Carlo Alberto)

How long do healthy habits last? The role of prices.

11 Oct Registry 3.15

Yasumasa Matsuda (Tohoku University)

Spatial modeling of volatility  matrices for high-dimensional financial time series

18 Oct Registry 3.15

Maarten Voors (Wageningen University)

Healthcare Delivery during Crises: Experimental Evidence from Sierra Leone's Ebola Outbreak

25 Oct Registry 3.15

Cecilia Chen (University of Exeter)

When Do Men Shy Away From Competition? An Experiment on Unethical Conduct and Competitive (dis)Advantage

1 Nov Registry 3.15

Donna Harris (University of Oxford)


8 Nov Registry 3.15

Rowena Pecchenino (Maynooth University)

Economics and the Common Good  

15 Nov Registry 3.15

Joao Montez (HEC Lausanne)


22 Nov

Registry 3.15

Luca Taschini (LSE)

Linking Permit Markets Multilaterally

29 Nov Registry 3.15

Anna Conte (Sapienza University of Rome)


6 Dec Registry 3.15

Christoph Breunig (Humblot University of Berlin)

Nonclassical Measurement Error in the Outcome Variable

13 Dec Registry 3.15

Charles F Mason (University of Wyoming)