Below you will find information about the various committees of the Senate - 2021/22

Discipline Committees - Senate Student Discipline Committee and Senate Student Discipline Appeals Committee


Senate Student Discipline Committee:

Chair                                Professor Cathie Carmichael

Deputy Chair                Professor A Ganesan  

Secretary                        Mrs Laura Thompson 

Members for Panels – a pool to be created from academic staff in all four Faculties from which Panels can be formed  - pool tbc


Senate Student Discipline Appeals Committee:

Chair                                Ms Judy Barker 

Deputy Chair                TBC

Secretary                       Mrs Caroline Sauverin 

Members for Panels to be drawn from the SSDC pool of panel members excluding those involved in the original SSDC panel hearing

Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee


Member of the UEA Professoriate (Chair)                                             

  • The Vice-Chancellor and President (Professor D. Richardson)


One Academic Representative From each of the four faculties nominated by the relevant Faculty Executive, and who should not be the Dean                     

  • HUM – Professor A. Finlayson (2022) 
  • FMH – Dr K. Walker (2022)
  • SCI – Professor M. O'Connell (2022) 
  • SSF – Professor D. Mead (2022)


Two members of nominated by the Senate from its own membership                                                    

  • Dr N. James (2022) 
  • Professor K. Yeoman (2022)


Up to two members co-opted by the Chair as required                                                 

  • Professor G. Parr (2022) 


The Activities and Opportunities Officer of the Union of UEA Students                                     


The Director of Development

  • Mr D. Ellis


The Chief Resource Officer                      

  • Mr I. Callaghan 


Assistant Head of Corporate Communications 


Secretary:             Assistant Registrar (Ms L. Williams)

Minutes Secretary: PA & Events Support 

Honorary Appointments Committee


Ex officio                                            

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) (Chair)
  • Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Science)
  • Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Medicine and Health Sciences)
  • Head of the John Innes Centre - or nominee 
  • Head of the Quadram Institute Bioscience - or nominee 
  • Head of the School of Biological Sciences
  • One Member co-opted by the Chair as required

Secretary:                                                             Reward and Job Evaluation Manager 

Learning and Teaching Committee


Membership and Terms of Reference under review




Doctoral College Executive


Ex officio:           

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) (Chair) 
  • Academic Director of UEA Doctoral College 
  • Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research of each Faculty 
  • Chair of the Norwich Bioscience Institute 
  • Graduate School Executive 
  • Director, ARIES Doctoral Training Partnership 
  • UEA Academic Lead CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership 
  • Postgraduate Education Officer of the Union of UEA Students 
  • Director of Research and Innovation Division 
  • Marketing and Communication Manager (ARM)


Secretary:      Head of Postgraduate Research Service            

Faculty Learning, Teaching and Quality Committees


For each Faculty


  • The Associate Dean (Learning, Teaching and Quality) (Chair)
  • The School Directors of Learning, Teaching and Quality*
  • Faculty Learning, Teaching and Quality portfolio holders as designated by the Faculty Executive
  • Undergraduate or Postgraduate Education Officer of the Union of UEA Students


Student members          

  • One undergraduate representative appointed by the Union Council following campus-wide election. The undergraduate representative shall therefore normally be the elected Faculty Convenor.
  • One postgraduate representative as appointed by the Union Council


Secretary:                           Learning and Teaching Service Manager or Co-ordinator appointed by Director of Learning & Teaching Services


* Where the Faculty Associate Dean of Learning, Teaching and Quality is also a School Director of Learning, Teaching and Quality, the School may nominate another relevant member of staff to take the place of the School Director.


Inclusive Education Committee (Sub-Committee of the Learning and Teaching Committee)


Membership and Terms of Reference under review

Joint Boards of Study




  • Chair (a senior member of UEA staff approved by the UEA PVC Academic
  • Academic Links for the courses leading to a UEA Award
  • Partnerships Office representative(s)


Partner Institution


  • An appropriate senior member of the Partner Institute staff
  • Head of HE, Quality lead or equivalent
  • Course Leaders or Programme Managers of the courses leading to a UEA award
  • Heads of the Schools/Faculty/Department or equivalent in which the courses are located
  • Student Representative(s)

Student Experience Committee (Sub-Committee of the Learning and Teaching Committee)


Membership and Terms of Reference under review

Student Sport and Physical Activity Committee (Sub-Committee of the Student Experience Committee)



  • Director of Sport and Commercial Services (Chair)
  • Head of Sport and Physical Activity Development
  • Student Performance Sports Manager
  • Student Sport Operations Manager
  • Student Representatives (maximum of 5 appointed by the Students’ Union. The Activities and Opportunities Officer to include representative from the student sports executive and students participating in more general physical activities)


Those invited but not members

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience and Education)
  • Assistant Registrar (VCO)
  • Senior Academic Representatives – Professor David Stevens and Julia Robathan
  • Chief Executive Students Union
  • Head of Opportunities (SU)

Technology Enhanced Learning Committee (Sub-Committee of the Learning and Teaching Committee)


Membership and Terms of Reference under review

University Promotions Committee


Ex officio                                                            

  • The Provost (Chair)
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience and Education) 
  • The Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Secretary                                                             Reward and Job Evaluation Manager 


Faculty Promotions Committee(S)

For each Faculty

Ex officio                                            

  • The Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors (Chair)
  • Heads of School of each Faculty

Secretary                                                             The Faculty HR Business Partner 


Faculty of Arts and Humanities


The Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor S. Barrow (2022)          


The Heads of Schools

  • Art, Media and American Studies (AMA)                   Dr M. Mclaughlin (2022)
  • History (HIS)                                                                         Dr M. Neumann (2024)              
  • Literature, Drama and Creative Writing (LDC)        Professor A. Donnell (31.08.22)
  • Politics, Philosophy, Language
    and Communication Studies (PPL)                            Dr K. Ridealgh (2024)
  • Interdisciplinary Institute for Humanities               Dr F. Costa (2024)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences


The Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor C. ffrench-Constant (2026)


The Heads of Schools:

  • Norwich Medical School (MED)                                                Professor W. Fraser (Interim Appointment)
  • Health Sciences (HSC)                                                                 Professor S. Hardy (01.09.2024) 

Faculty of Science


The Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor M. Searcey (31.03.2024)


The Heads of Schools:

  • Biological Sciences (BIO)                                             Professor T. Dalmay (31.12.2021)
  • Chemistry (CHE)                                                              Professor N. Le Brun (31.08.2024) 
  • Computing Sciences (CMP)                                         Professor G. Parr (21.08.2021)
  • Environmental Sciences (ENV)                                  Professor K. Hiscock (2022)
  • Mathematics (MTH)                                                        Professor E. Parau (2026)
  • Pharmacy (PHA)                                                              Professor S. Gibbons (31.12.2024)  


Faculty of Social Sciences


The Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor F. Bowen (2023)


The Heads of Schools:

  • Economics (ECO)                                                         Dr E. Lazarova (2022)
  • Education and Lifelong Learning (EDU)            Professor Y. Lebeau (2025)
  • International Development (DEV)                       Professor L. Camfield (2023)
  • Law (LAW)                                                                      Professor A. Stephan (2022)
  • Norwich Business School (NBS)                           Professor O. Tregaskis (2025)         
  • Psychology (PSY)                                                        Professor K. Coventry (2022)
  • Social Work (SWK)                                                     Professor C. Cocker (2024)