The Records Retention Schedule for the records held by HUM can be found here.

The Records Retention Schedules for the records of HUM Faculty Schools are currently incorporated in the HUM Records Retention Schedule described above; these include School of Art, Media and American Studies, School of History, School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing, School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies, Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities, and the HUM Graduate School.

The Records Retention Schedule for the records held by the East Anglian Film Archive are also currently incorporated in the HUM Records Retention Schedule described above.

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Department and Faculty records retention polices

The current records retention schedules for different departments and faculties across the University can be found below. 

The records retention schedules are subject to change and revision, as determined by internal University structures and organisation and external influences such as legislation revisions and guidance on best practice. Some documents refer to previous structures and these will be updated in due course, as part of our review programme. 

As our baseline we use the guidance and suggested retention periods published by JISC, if you are looking for a record type and cannot see it in these schedules, you can consult the guidance available on the JISC website