Records Retention Scheme Department Policies

The draft and approved records retention schedules for different departments across the University can be found below.

As policies are developed and approved, they will be listed on this page.

The records retention schedules are living documents and subject to change and revision as determined by University structures and organisation, operations and external influences such as legislation revisions and guidance on best practice.

The schedules are divided into three groups:

  • Approved. Those which have been developed and approved and adopted as practice within the owning department.
  • In development. Those which are being developed for areas of University business so they reflect our policies, practices and preferences (i.e. record groups have been added, removed or changed, retention periods adjusted), but have not yet been offered for approval.
  • Templates. A draft RRS within which record categories have been provisionally attributed to the most likely departmental owners of records created within the business areas, but which are still subject to review and accurate determination in the context of the Information Audit (IA) or local record survey.

Where a reference to a record type is not found within these schedules, the advice available on the JISC website should be consulted, and the record type added to the departmental schedule. Local decisions on retention will need to be made where there is no guidance from JISC available for the particular record type.