We asked three of our ECO students who participated in the ECO mentoring scheme some questions about their mentoring experience, and how they thought the scheme has benefitted them. 


Why did you want to join the scheme?

“I wanted to explore different options that were available within economics.”

“To gain valuable experience working in an economics-related setting.”

“To gain a better understanding of the world outside of University through ex-alumni mentees.”

What skills do you think you’ve learnt or developed through the scheme?

“I’ve learnt how to manage my time effectively, how to extract and enter data into databases, and how to work efficiently on my own.”

“Writing skills to execute a good CV application.”

“Confidence, being curious, due diligence, conscientiousness.”

How do you think your mentor has helped you?

“My mentor has helped by setting out clear objectives in meetings, which were regularly organised. My mentor also communicated their ideas across well via email and teams calls.”

“Through preparation for application interviews and CV development.”

“They have been encouraging and guided me to uncover my skills and interests.”