Will you help us launch a new prostate cancer test? 

We all know that prostate cancer is devastating lives. Every year, it kills 11,000 men in the UK and far more around the world. Those who live with prostate cancer often face invasive and damaging treatments, with side-effects including incontinence and impotence. But, for many of them, the treatment is completely unnecessary. 

Because, surprisingly, most cases of prostate cancer are harmless. But there is currently no way for doctors to distinguish between aggressive, life-threatening ‘tiger’ cancers, and harmless ‘pussycat’ cancers. 

The result? Clinicians have to treat everyone. And, in the UK, that means putting approximately 21 men through devastating treatment they don’t need, for every one man whose life is actually at risk. 

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The Tiger Test is nearly ready 

We are close to launching a revolutionary clinical test that can reliably distinguish aggressive prostate cancers from harmless ones. Finally, we can tell the tigers from the pussycats. 

The Tiger Test, as we call it, could transform prostate cancer treatment around the world. More men getting the treatment they need. And thousands spared from suffering needless side-effects. 

It’s all down to more than a decade of ground-breaking research and analysis by Professor Colin Cooper and his team. In a world first, they’ve unravelled the genetic information behind prostate cancer, using artificial intelligence. But they need the help of people like you to complete the research. 

Your support can help fund clinical trials and a screening laboratory – the final step to making the Tiger Test available to men around the world. Will you help make the Tiger Test a reality? 

How you can help 

Please donate now to help the Tiger Test begin saving lives. With your support, we can fund the clinical trials needed to have the test adopted by the NHS and hospitals around the world. 

If you’d like to find out more, or make a larger gift, contact the Development Office at giving@uea.ac.uk

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