Meet UEA Difference Scholar, Kash Hinds


    “I’m so grateful to have the freedom to focus all of my time on my research project. Without the generosity of my donor, I would have struggled to fund this year on my own. This has been a real life-changing opportunity for me.”

    Kash Hinds, UEA postgraduate studying a Master’s in Clinical Science 

    Kash Hinds

    In a world where the playing field is far from level, scholarships continue to be vitally important at UEA. Across the life of The Difference Campaign, philanthropy has brought almost 700 students to UEA, transforming lives by helping some of the brightest and best to access our world-class education and facilities without prejudice of background or circumstance. 

    This year, we are proud to announce that over 50 scholarships have been awarded thanks to the power of philanthropy at UEA.

    And in early November the Development Office seized the opportunity to get our new cohort of Scholars together for the very first time to celebrate their fantastic achievements. 

    The event took place at UEA’s award-winning Enterprise Centre and was a celebration of the courage and tenacity of each and every Scholar in putting themselves forward for a scholarship opportunity. 

    It was also an opportunity to recognise the generosity of so many donors, willing to give something back to enable a new generation to access world-leading education and the wonderful opportunities this can present. 

    This year’s Scholars have been supported to pursue courses from medicine to creative writing and everything in between. 

    Over the next year, we will be bringing you insights and updates into our  Scholars’ progress and experiences as they settle into life as students at UEA. 

    This time, we meet postgraduate student, Kash Hinds, who tells us about the first few months of his Master’s in Clinical Science and how his life has changed since receiving a Difference Scholarship. 

    After gaining a first-class honours degree in Biomedicine at UEA, I was keen to progress my studies in clinical research so I applied for a scholarship in the hope of receiving the support I needed to realise my ambition.

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard my application for a Difference Scholarship had been successful. I’m so grateful for the freedom this has given me to focus my time on my research project and throw myself into student life. Without the generosity of my donor, I would have struggled to fund this year on my own. This has been a real life-changing opportunity for me. 

    This year, I will be undertaking my own laboratory research into an immune pathway, specifically looking at how the body fights off infection at a cellular level.

    My first few months as a postgrad student in Clinical Science have been a whirlwind and I’ve loved every minute that I’ve spent in the lab so far. I’ve already learnt so much from working closely with PhD and Post-Doctorate students. 

    I hope the results of my work will feed into future research into the successful treatment of certain diseases.

    As well as getting to grips with my research project, I’ve really enjoyed settling back into life at UEA. In addition to my own studies, I also work as a student mentor helping two first year biology students with everything from understanding assignments to discovering some of the clubs, events and societies on offer here. 

    Receiving a Difference Scholarship has given me an amazing opportunity to progress directly from undergraduate studies into more specialised laboratory work. Advanced research skills are recognised as key in developing a greater depth of understanding in clinicians and so this will have a hugely positive impact on my practice and my future career.  

     At UEA we love nothing more than supporting generous donors in their wishes to create incredible scholarship opportunities. If you would like to find out more about  supporting our scholarships please visit our scholarships section