Across the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences there has been extensive investment in research infrastructure. This includes:


  • Biomedical Research Centre providing laboratory facilities, including a category 3 microbiology containment laboratory.
  • Clinical Research Trials Unit (CRTU) with an NHS-funded manager supported by an NHS-funded dedicated database and IT post. The Unit became fully operational in 2007 and provides logistic and recruitment support for clinical trials and observational epidemiological research. The CRTU has recently been awarded Provisional Registration status by the UKCRN.
  • Movement and Clinical Exercise Facility including Biomechanics, neurophysiology, muscle function evaluation and exercise physiology
  • a strong presence of medical statisticians, many of whom are research active academic appointments.
  • computing technicians and a database officer who develops project-specific software.
  • Bioinformatics Research Fellow, expert in interrogating bibliographic databases, in support of systematic reviews.
  • wide range of epidemiological and medical databases, 300+ directly subscribed health care journals available electronically, 200+ print titles available via UEA and NNUH libraries, walk-in access to resources of the JIC and IFR library and 9000+ health related titles with total or partial access to e-content.
  • spacious accommodation for postgraduate students on campus close to academic staff/supervisors.
  • access for postgraduate students to Masters level modules in epidemiological/ social science methods, laboratory and/or or pedagogic research methods.