Arts and Humanities graduates are highly sought after. The ability to consider issues from multiple perspectives (cultural, political, literary and historical) is a valuable skill in the workplace, while cultural awareness also lends itself to interpreting and communicating ideas.

All organisations need employees with a strong awareness of contemporary issues, an understanding of the contextual landscape and an ability to research and form reasoned arguments. ​

Our alumni have a broad range of career interests, with many choosing to go into the creative industries, journalism, marketing, advertising and public relations. Others enter local and national government, not-for-profit organisations and policy or campaigning bodies. Education, publishing, heritage, writing and translation are also popular areas of work. ​

We fully integrate employability activity within teaching, learning and the wider student experience. We are committed to supporting students to achieve their ambitions. Most Arts and Humanities students have the option to take a placement module,  and some elect to spend a semester abroad within their degree programme. There are internships specifically for our students and our Schools offer targeted opportunities focused on their subject areas and student interests.​