The European Commission: Facing the Future The European Commission: Facing the Future

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The European Commission occupies a central position in the European Union and influences many aspects of our daily lives. In earlier research, we tested myths about the organization against empirical data In this new project, we assess in the light of recent challenges how well the Commission is equipped to face the future. 
In the research, we ask:

  • Does the Commission have a workforce appropriate to its mission? 
  • Can the organization attract well-qualified recruits in an increasingly competitive labour market? 
  • Ten years after the ‘big bang’ enlargement, how similar are staff from ‘old’ and ‘new’ member states?
  • How do Commission employees regard the 2014 reform of the Staff Regulations?
  • How highly do staff rate coordination, management and leadership in the Commission?  
  • Do staff think that the Commission’s communication is effective? 

The project draws on fieldwork conducted by the research team in 2014. The first project conducted by independent researchers to be based on a representative study across all categories of staff, our findings draw on several sources, including responses to an online survey administered to all Commission personnel, face-to-face interviews, and focus groups.

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