Desire and Queer Theory Desire and Queer Theory

The Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities presents

in partnership with UEA philosophy society

Desire and Queer Theory

Dr Francisco Costa, Lecturer in Humanities, UEA

Friday 10 March 2017, 5.00 -7.00 pm

Julian Study Centre, Room 2.02

All welcome.

MA GENDER STUDIES - The institute is sponsoring this series of lectures on key themes in gender and culture to mark the launch of the MA Gender Studies.

For more information about the MA please contact Professor Yvonne Tasker, or Dr Liz Powell,


Dr Francisco Costa

What is your Gender Studies area of specialism?

My areas of specialism lie primarily in the study of the construction and representation of queer identities, particularly non-normative masculinities. My work weaves through literature, queer theory, cultural studies and theatre and performance studies. Using discourses on gender and sexuality as paradigmatic examples, the central aim of my work is to explore forms of non-normative sexual identities and gender performance that are seemingly ‘free’ of the demarcations and confines of ‘compulsory’ heterosexual configurations and question how non-normative masculinities present queer challenges to hegemonic heteronormativity.

Why is Gender Studies important?

In this still young twentieth first century, gender studies presents itself as a key interventionist area of study, which aims to resist to essentialist binarisms that merely re-enforce conventional power relations and hierarchies. Through the study of gender and sexuality and by approaching identity as multiple and unstable, we can challenge oppression and prejudice and present new and productive possibilities and perspectives that encourage the exposition of ‘difference.’

Dr Costa organises the Critically Queer: Sex, Gender and Sexuality Module.

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