Upcoming seminars within the School of Environmental Sciences Upcoming seminars within the School of Environmental Sciences

Seminar Series




Atmospheric and Marine Biogeochemistry Seminars

Monday, 30 Nov, Clayton room, 1 pm

Claire Reeves & Graham Mills (ENV)

The CASMIN Project: A Comprehensive Analytical System for Measuring Isoprene-derived Nitrates.


Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Seminar Series

Friday, 27 Nov, Zicer, 1pm

Thomas Spengler (Bergen University) Maintenance of Storm Tracks and Baroclinicity
CEEC Seminars Tuesday, 8 Dec, EFRY 01.05 1 pm Dr John Burnside

Evidence-based evaluation of in situ and ex situ management strategies for the hunted Asian Houbara

Earth Science and Geophysics Seminars Tuesday, 1 Dec, Clayton Room, 1 pm Katy Chamberlain (Durham University) The life and times of a supervolcanic magmatic system: Insights from the Bishop Tuff, California  
Tyndall Centre Seminar Wednesday, 2 Dec, Clayton Room, 1 pm

Rhosanna Jenkins (ENV)

Assessing and Managing Climate-Related Risks in the Tana River Basin, Kenya

WeatherTalk Monday, 7 Dec, Enterprise Centre Lecture Theatre, 6.30 pm Prof Ian Renfrew (UEA) Improving weather and climate prediction in the Arctic using a research aircraft  

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