Upcoming seminars within the School of Environmental Sciences Upcoming seminars within the School of Environmental Sciences

Seminar Series




Atmospheric and Marine Biogeochemistry Seminars

Monday 3 Nov 2014, Clayton Room, 1 pm

Sam Allin (ENV)

Chlorofluorocarbon isotopologue changes, from firn to stratosphere

Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Seminar Series

Friday, 7 Nov 2014, 1pm. Zicer 2.03

Lewis Dartnell (Leicester)

Cosmic radiation and the search for life on Mars

CEEC Seminars

Tuesday, 11 Nov 2014,1 pm, EFRY 01.02

Philip Saunders (ENV)

Development of a GIS model of habitat suitability for the Vulnerable European roller in western Cyprus

Earth Science and Geophysics Seminars

Tuesday, 4 Nov 14, Clayton Room, 1 pm

Guilhem Amin Douillet

Sedimentation of pyroclastic density currents, from large-scale to boundary processes.

Social Sciences Seminars




Tyndall Seminars





Tuesday, 4 Nov 2014, JSC Lecture Theatre

Alistair Nesbitt (PhD Research Student, UEA)

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