Upcoming seminars within the School of Environmental Sciences Upcoming seminars within the School of Environmental Sciences

Seminar Series




Atmospheric and Marine Biogeochemistry Seminars

Monday, 2nd Feb, Clayton Room 01.38, 1 pm

Clara Manno

Carbon transfer efficiency around South Georgia: the role of ecosystem structure in the control of carbon export to the deep ocean

Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Seminar Series

Friday, 30 January 2015, JSC 1.02

Alison Ming (Cambridge)

The relation between upwelling and temperature in the tropical lower stratosphere

CEEC Seminars

10th February EFRY 01.02  1.00pm

Tom Finch


Earth Science and Geophysics Seminars

Wednesday 10th Feb Clayton Room 1.00pm

Ernest Rutter (University of Manchester)

The Mam Tor Creeping Landslide, Derbyshire


Tyndall Centre Seminar

Wednesday, 28 Jan, Clayton Room, 1 pm

Sally Brown and Ivan Haigh (University of Southampton)

Sea-level rise: Causes, measurements and impacts


Monday, 9th Feb 2015

Brendan Jones (MetDesk)

MetDesk - career opportunities in the private weather sector

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