Upcoming seminars within the School of Environmental Sciences Upcoming seminars within the School of Environmental Sciences

Seminar Series




Atmospheric and Marine Biogeochemistry Seminars

Monday, 12 Oct, Clayton Room, 1 pm

Mike Newland (ENV) Long term trends in the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere: explaining the methane pause?  

Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Seminar Series

Friday, 9 Oct, Zicer, 1pm

Johan van der Molen (CEFAS) Modelling muddy waters: is tidal energy generation good for Cromer crabs?
CEEC Seminars Tuesday, 20 Oct, EFRY 01.05 1 pm Anders Wiren (BIO) tbc
Earth Science and Geophysics Seminars Tuesday, 6 Oct, Clayton Room, 1 pm Jan Alexander (ENV) Moving boulders in flash floods  
Tyndall Centre Seminar Wednesday, 7 Oct, Clayton Room, 1 pm Jonas Schoenefeld (ENV) The challenges of monitoring and evaluating bottom-up climate governance: Learning lessons from the EU  
WeatherTalk Monday, 12 Oct, Enterprise Centre Lecture Theatre, 6.30 pm John Law (British Antarctic Survey) Forecasting in New Zealand and preparing for Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey.  

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