Offering bespoke flow cytometric sample analysis for business and research communities Offering bespoke flow cytometric sample analysis for business and research communities

Flow Cytometry facilitates cell and particulate analysis allowing assessment of new medicines and their efficacy, assessment of new delivery mechanisms (nanotechnology), product validation and testing of health claims.

Dr Darren W Sexton, a cellular immunologist within the BioMedical Research Centre and LTN Business Fellow, together with Geoff Carruth and Dr Ailsa Harpur of the UEA's Research Enterprise and Engagement Office, successfully bid for the inaugural East of England Development Agency's (EEDA) Capital Investment for Life Sciences Competition. The award enabled the acquisition of the high specification cell sorter, the BD FACSAria II, which is at the heart of the service. To facilitate the running of the facility the Schools of Biological Sciences and Medicine jointly funded a Flow Cytometry Technician Dr Andy Goldson. The facility continues to burgeon with recent further investment permitting the purchase of the Accuri C6 Flow cytometer.

Flow Cytometry Services offer bespoke flow cytometric sample analysis for the business and research communities.


  • Cell sorting
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Apoptosis analysis
  • Multicolour analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • Stem Cell analysis


  • New medicine efficacy
  • New delivery mechanisms (nanotechnology)
  • Product validation
  • Testing of health claims


  • Food and drink
  • Natraceuticals
  • Human, animal and plant biotechnology
  • Healthcare technology (e.g infection control)
  • Emerging stem cell applications
  • Nanotechnology applications

Contact Details

Information on conditions of use for the facility, specific technical options and prices are available from:

Dr Ernst Pöschl (Scientific advice)
Tel: +44(0)1603 591754

Andrew Loveday (Lab Manager)
Tel: +44(0)1603 593321