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Our consortium is composed of over 10 researchers and domain experts from three organisations and companies: the University of East Anglia, the Greater Anglia train company, and Network Rail.

University of East Anglia

  • Dr. Wenjia Wang: Principal Investigator
  • Prof. Gerard Parr: Co-Investigator
  • Douglas Fraser: Senior Researcher
  • MSc: Mary Symons, Bradley Thompson, Ryan McDonagh
  • PhD: Mostafa Al Ghamdi

Greater Anglia

  • Victor Fromm, Head of Business Improvement
  • Marc Ware, Performance Manager
  • Keith Palmer, Head of Performance and Planning
  • Rachel Margerum, Innovation & CI Assistant

Network Rail and the Rail Delivery Group

  • Karl Butler-Garnham: Head of Work Packages Owners - Capability Delivery Plan
  • Stephen Draper, Head of Performance Analysis
  • Richard Raine: Performance Analyst
  • Andy Gosney: Head of Delivery and Data Management
  • Andrew Rivoire, Data Analyst