As part of the UKRI-funded project, ‘Speculative Nature Writing: Feeling for the Future’ (University of East Anglia), we are seeking creative writing for a new anthology. This publication will bring together some of the best and most innovative contemporary writing on the environment to create a collection of ‘speculative nature writing’.

We are looking for work that speculatively confronts and explores radical change in our relationships with landscape, animals, place, climate and each other. This might be writing grounded in the real contours of particular places as they could unfold towards the future; or writing that opens up a pathway through difficult and controversial issues; or writing that pushes at the very conventions of nature writing itself. We welcome different approaches to the idea, and especially writing from diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Areas of interest might include: 

  • Possible futures: creative engagement with scenario building, risk planning, forecasting and futurism;
  • Experimental nature writing: innovations with the forms, modes and conventions of nature writing;  
  • The cultural and social history of nature writing: alternative cultural, environmental and natural histories, or history telling; 
  • Writing at the intersection of science and literature: imaginative responses to cross-disciplinary spaces; (re)readings and (re)writings of scientific forms/conventions; 
  • The nature of futurity itself: alternative and non-linear and more-than-human temporalities given form and life in writing. 

About the anthology 

This project proposes speculative writing as a way to intervene in current ways of thinking about nature and current ways of thinking about shared futures. The anthology wants to bring these possible futures alive in unnerving, ambiguous, and provocative ways to address the difficult questions about value, meaning, identity, and sustainability that we face in a changing world. Our goal is to inspire work from many areas that will itself inspire open discussion and debate about what lies ahead. 

**Submissions now closed**

Submission to the project has now ended. We would like to thank all the writers who sent in their outlines and we look forward to publishing the collection in early 2023.