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How is soil like a cake mix? If it takes hundreds of years for 2.5 cm of soil to form, how can we make soil here at the Royal Norfolk Show? 

UEA researchers are passionate about soil and have come to the Royal Norfolk Show to talk about the soil under your feet and about the costs and benefits of reconstructed soil.


We want you to design a soil recipe to grow the biggest and brightest sunflower. To help you, we will have a range of materials on display. Led by soil scientists and researchers at UEA, you’ll be able to perform some basic testing of soil properties using a range of equipment - from spoons and a watering can, to a pH probe and a microscope.

You’ll be able to take away your own ‘technosol’ by blending different materials together. At home, we’d like you to plant a sunflower seed in your soil and, in a few weeks, we’d love you to tell us how the plants are growing. If you send a photo of your sunflowers to us and give us your number in the message, you can enter into a draw to win an eVoucher.

Sunflower growing guidance

Send a photo and enter the draw (active until 30 Sept 2022)


Can you help? We want to learn from you about how soil from waste should be used.  Please take part in a quick survey about soil. You will be asked six questions. There are no right or wrong answers, and you will not be asked to give any personal details. We would like to know your views to further our science – what are the viable outlets for reconstructed soils? Tell us what you think. This should take no longer than a few minutes to complete.
If you are under 16, we ask you complete the survey with an adult.

Take part in our survey (active until 30 September 2022)


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