Joyce Morris Early Years Literacies Forum is firmly focussed on supporting understanding of early years literacies across the sector.



What is the role of the forum? 

  • Bringing together early years practitioners, researchers and subject matter experts
  • Supporting this learning community to network, engage and collaborate
  • Sharing the emerging findings, progress and outcomes of the three Joyce Morris research projects (ROMLIT, Little Minds, TYKES)  

How will it be achieved? 

  • Organising a series of public lectures linked to the themes of the research projects 
  • Co-ordinating and supporting practitioner-led networking and professional development 
  • Disseminating the findings of the research and recording the events for open access on the UEA web pages 
  • Hosting a national conference for practitioners and researchers

Find out about our events -

Launch event

  • Introducing the research projects and forum activities: Dec 2023 

Public lectures

  • On early literacy themes: Feb 2024 / Nov 2024 / May 2025 

Research updates

  • Detailing progress on the three projects: Summer 2024, Spring 2025 


  • For researchers and practitioners: Summer 2025  

Reception Class Teacher Network

  • Ongoing 


If you would like to be involved, or would like further information please email -

Find out about our Research Projects and Events below