Incorporating evidence-based practices and guided by systematic review, our program aims to empower you to manage your fatigue more effectively and improve your overall well-being. The program is designed to span six weeks for 30-minutes each session, with each session addressing key aspects of fatigue management, CBT, and exercises.


Unlock Your Potential with ReFresh!

Welcome to the ReFresh program, your key to managing fatigue and feeling your best! But wait, there's a secret ingredient to success: your commitment.

Think of ReFresh like a treasure map. To discover the riches of reduced fatigue and improved well-being, you'll need to journey with us and follow the map closely. Here's what it means to commit:

  1. Adventure Time: Get ready for an exciting adventure! Dive into our videos, tackle exercises, and explore new ways of thinking about fatigue.

  2. Challenge Accepted: Get ready to challenge the dragons of doubt and the monsters of tiredness. We'll help you face them head-on and conquer them!

  3. Everyday Hero: Just like a superhero, consistency is your superpower. Practice what you learn every day, and watch as your energy levels soar!

  4. Invest in You: You're the hero of your own story. Invest time and energy in yourself, and watch as you unlock new levels of energy and vitality.


Overview of Weekly Sessions:

  1. Week 1: Understanding Fatigue

    • Explore the fundamentals of fatigue and its impact on daily life.

    • Gain insights into personalized strategies for identifying and addressing fatigue.

  2. Week 2: Rest, Relaxation, and Sleep Hygiene

    • Learn the importance of rest and its different forms – physical, mental, and emotional.

    • Dive into effective relaxation techniques, with a focus on improving sleep hygiene.

  3. Week 3: Balancing Activity and Rest

    • Understand the delicate balance between staying active and incorporating essential rest.

    • Explore practical tips to create a personalized Rest/Activity/Sleep plan.

  4. Week 4: Unraveling the Cognitive Behavioral Model (CBT)

    • Delve into CBT basics, understanding how thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and energy are interconnected.

    • Apply CBT principles to positively influence energy levels and manage fatigue.

  5. Week 5: Navigating Everyday Challenges

    • Address common barriers to effective fatigue management.

    • Equip yourself with strategies to overcome challenges and stay on course.

  6. Week 6: Sustaining Your Fatigue Management Journey

    • Summarize key takeaways from the program.

    • Develop a sustainable plan for ongoing fatigue management, incorporating learned strategies.

Comprehensive Exercise Guidance: Explore our Exercise Page for evidence-based exercise routines designed to complement your fatigue management journey. Each session recommends three 30-minute exercise sessions per week, tailored to enhance your overall well-being.



So, are you ready to embark on this epic journey with us? Together, we'll overcome fatigue and discover the treasure trove of energy and well-being waiting for you!

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These resources serve as valuable companions to the insights shared during these empowering sessions.

Reach out to Sarah via email if you wish to have hard copies, specifying your preferred font size (standard 12-point or large 16-point).




We understand that managing fatigue in Parkinson's can be a complex journey, and additional support may be beneficial. Here are some trusted resources you can explore for further assistance:

  1. Parkinson's UK Helpline:

    • Parkinson's UK is a leading charity offering support and conducting research for Parkinson's disease.
    • Helpline: Call their free, confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303 (available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm).
    • Email: Reach out via email at
  2. MIND - For Better Mental Health:

    • MIND is a mental health charity providing valuable information, support, and services.
    • Visit their MIND Information and Support Page for a range of guides and resources.