This research area focuses on the development of multivariate copula-based models and inference procedures for non-normal multivariate/longitudinal response data.

Multivariate/longitudinal response data abound in many application areas including insurance, risk management, finance, biology, psychometrics, health and environmental sciences. Data from these application areas have different dependence structures including features such as tail dependence. Studying dependence among multivariate response data is an interesting problem in statistical science. The dependence between random variables is completely described by their multivariate distribution. When the multivariate distribution has a simple form, standard methods can be used to make inference. On the other hand one may create multivariate distributions based on particular assumptions, limiting thus their use. For example, most existing models assume rigid margins of the same form (e.g., Gaussian, Student, exponential, Gamma, Poisson, etc.) or limited dependence (e.g., tail independence, positive dependence, etc.). To solve this problem we use copulas (multivariate distributions with uniform margins). Copulas are unified way to model multivariate response data, as they account for the dependence structure and provide a flexible representation of the multivariate distribution. They allow for general dependence modelling, different from assuming simple linear correlation structures and normality. That makes them particularly well suited to the aforementioned application areas.

Specific situations where we have made use of copulas include: (i) models and inference procedures for repeated measures or multivariate discrete (binary, ordinal, count) response in biostatistical, environmental and econometrical applications; (ii) factor copula models for survey data; (iii) vine copula-GARCH models for financial returns; (iv) copula-mixed models for meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy studies. 

We are committed to making our methods available to the research community. Hence, our methods are disseminated through publicly available software that implements the proposed methodologies. The following R packages are available at the OpenSource R project for statistical computing (see

CopulaREMADA [CopulaREMADA on CRAN] [monthly downloads for CopulaREMADA]

FactorCopula [FactorCopula on CRAN] [monthly downloads for FactorCopula]

weightedScores [weightedScores on CRAN] [monthly downloads weightedScores]


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Research Team

Dr. Aristidis K. Nikoloulopoulos, Mr. Sayed H. Kadhem