CHARMER is a five-year research programme

Ageing affects the body’s drug handling processes resulting in the risk of harm from medicines potentially outweighing the benefits. 

Half of patients are prescribed at least one medicine where the harms outweigh the benefits. Only a fraction of these patients have the inappropriate medicine(s) stopped in hospital. Nine out of ten patients and carers believe that risky medicines should be stopped in hospital and that doctors should start the discussion. We aim to develop and test an approach to support geriatricians and pharmacists to stop medicines in the hospital setting before they cause harm.



Read the guest blog written by members of the CHARMER team about the importance of patient and public involvement in deprescribing research.

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The CHARMER research programme continues to operate as normal through the Coronavirus period. Our researchers are all working remotely to maintain our usual service levels. The project has been designed to ensure the safety of all participants and staff involved through the use of remote communication wherever possible. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss this further please contact us.