CBESS seminars

Group meetings will be held eirther on MS Teams or in EFRY 2.27

Date Speaker Title
12 October 2021 David Just (Cornell University)

But it Came from a Food Pantry: Product Stigma and Quality Perception of Food Pantry Offerings

7 December 2021 in REG 3.15 David Cooper (UEA, U Iowa)

Effective Leadership Across Contexts

18 January 2022

Neil Garrett (PSY, UEA) Reexamining Heuristics and planning in Economic Choice.
25 January 2022

Ted Turocy (UEA)

A New Measure of Consumer Engagement with Markets

1 February 2022 Eli Spiegelman (Burgandy School of Business)

Discrimination in the large and the small: social exclusion and sensitivity to notional fines

Wednesday 9 February, 4-5pm. EFRY 01.10 Peter Moffatt (ECO) Using supermarket loyalty card data to measure the differential impact of the UK soft drink sugar tax on buyer behaviour
Wednesday 27 April, 4-5pm in EFRY 2.27 Grace Lin (ECO, CDCC) Supermarket loyalty card data on animal and plant-based foods
Tuesday 3 May, 4-5pm in EFRY 2.27 Siri Isaksson (Norwegian School of Economics) It Takes Two: Gender Differences in Group Work
Wednesday 8 June, 4-5pm in EFRY 2.27 Beatriz de la Iglesia (CMP) TBA