BCLT Summer School 2024 Lecture - Translating Don Quixote into Arabic 

Tuesday 23rd July 2024, 2pm-3.15pm (BST), Online

In this lecture, Shadi Rohana – a translator working between Arabic and Spanish – explores the Arabic translations and reception of Miguel de Cervantes' seminal novel Don Quixote, taking into account how issues like politics, literary traditions, linguistic legacies, historical sense and national identity engage with one another; and invites us to contemplate what happens when stories are translated from one language to another.

Shadi Rohana is a Mexico-based literary translator, translating between Arabic and Spanish. He has introduced and translated a number of Latin American authors from Spanish to Arabic, as well as speeches and declarations from the EZLN in Chiapas. He pursued Latin American Studies in the United States (Swarthmore College) and Mexico (UNAM) and is currently a full-time faculty member at the Center for Asian and African Studies at El Colegio de México, where he teaches Arabic language and literature, as well as literary translation. The Arabic translation of José Emilio Pacheco’s Las batallas en el desierto (Palestine, 2016) was his first novel-length work, followed by Lina Meruane's Palestina en pedazos (Cairo, 2020) and Contra el apagón: Voces de Gaza durante la guerra en curso (Arabic to Spanish; Puerto Rico, 2024).

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Meet the World: River in an Ocean 

Tuesday 23rd July 2024, 7pm-8pm (BST), Online

Join Yasmine Haj, Nedra Rodrigo, and Lisa Ndejuru, as they discuss writing, translation, memory and displacement in relation to Palestine, Sri Lanka and Rwanda.

What are the histories, constraints, and possibilities of language in relation to bodies, origins, land, colonialism, gender, war, displacement, desire, and migration? Moving across genres, memories, belongings, and borders, the luminous texts gathered within River in an Ocean: Essays on Translation invite us to consider translation as a form of ethical and political love – one that requires attentive regard of an other – and a making and unmaking of self.

This conversation will be moderated by Nuzhat Abbas, editor of the anthology and founder-director of trace press. 

This event is in partnership with the National Centre for Writing. 

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BCLT Summer School Panel - Translators as Labour Organisers 

Wednesday 24th July 2024, 11.30am-12.30pm (BST), Online

Much has been said about the concept of translators as artists, but less has been said about translators as workers. What does it look like to organise from that understanding? What precedents have been set and what have translators been able to achieve? 

This is a discussion between Kira Josefsson, Alex Zucker, and Mayada Ibrahim, literary translators and members of the Translators Organizing Committee, a newly formed division of the National Writers Union (NWU).

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BCLT Summer School Publishers Panel - The Place of Digital Publishing 

Thursday 25th July 2024, 1.30pm-2.45pm (BST), Online

This panel is on literary translation and digital literary publications. What role does digital publishing play in the larger publishing ecosystem, especially as print publishing becomes more and more difficult to sustain? How has the landscape of digital publishing changed over time? How has this translated aesthetically, if at all? For the emerging translator, what are some of the practical considerations (e.g. contracts, payments, etc.) to take into account?
The panellists are Eric M. B. Becker (Digital Director and Senior Editor, Words Without Borders), Andrew Felsher (Founder and Editor, 128 Lit), and Sohini Basak (Freelance Editor, previously at Asymptote and WWB). The panel will be chaired by Rachael Daum. 

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More online events to be announced soon.

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