Building Back Better Qualitative Research:

Big ideas from fine-grained experiences

Pandemic events have upturned and fragmented research relationships, in turn creating new dilemmas and opportunities, both to conduct qualitative research and also for qualitative research to explore and reframe ideas and actions.  Events have also created particular pressures for those less-experienced or less-resourced (including Research Students and Early Career Researchers), to complete their projects.  However, research community members and participants have also been led to encounter and to co-create new ways of connecting and re-building real, immediate and meaningful knowledge.

Aims for this symposium are to constructively exemplify some of these lessons and novel techniques of connecting and examining. We will appreciate the links between contemporary macro- and micro- systems of knowledge and political and social experiences and action. We will also identify and share ways to (re-)build a supportive qualitative research community, and increase and resource dynamic and inclusive research capacity.