The MathTASK programme has received the following funding:

2003-23EU Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility Programme. Department of Mathematics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. 

2022-23: Pro-Vice Chancellor's Impact Fund 

2016-21British Academy International Partnership and Mobility SchemeBeyond CAPTeaM: Deconstructing ableist mathematics teaching practices and attuning mathematics teaching to student diversity.

2021-22: Pro-Vice Chancellor's Impact Fund

2021-22EDU Pump Priming Fund. Mathematical Horizon narratives for teachers and students. 

2020-21Pro-Vice Chancellor's Impact Fund

2019-20: Higher Education Impact Fund (HEIF)

2018-19: Higher Education Impact Fund (HEIF)

2017-18: Higher Education Impact Fund (HEIF)

2016-17: Higher Education Impact Fund (HEIF)

2015-16: Higher Education Impact Fund (HEIF)

2015-16Ian Hunter PrizeResearchers, teacher educators and teachers transform aspirations for mathematics teaching into strategies in context.

2014-15British Academy International Partnership and Mobility Scheme. Challenging ableist perceptions of mathematical learning in Brazil and the UK. 

2013-14EDU Pump Priming FundMathematics teachers' decision making in the secondary classroom: Investigating PGCE trainees' pedagogical value systems through the use of realistic classroom scenarios. 

2012-13EDU Pump Priming Fund. (Pilot to a study entitled) Mathematics teachers' decision making in the secondary classroom: Using Toulmin's model to investigate pedagogical, epistemological and institutional considerations.