In this fourth strand of MathTASK, we focus on resources and digital technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Specifically, we design Tasks that invite teachers to reflect and discuss classroom situations in which teachers and students use educational software (e.g. Dynamic Geometry, Computer Algebra Systems, etc.) and online or other resources (e.g. search engines, e-books, textbooks, paper and pencil, etc.) to introduce a mathematical topic or to solve a problem.

These Tasks discuss a range of ways to approach mathematics – visually, symbolically or in words – and potential connections between these different ways. They also aim to address issues such as affordances and limitations of digital technologies and conflicts between different forms of communicating mathematically.

The design of these Tasks draws on research literature and teaching practice . Recently, Tasks are also inspired by classroom observations conducted towards the ongoing doctoral research of MathTASK team member Lina Kayali.