In this strand we explore teachers’ mathematical knowledge and their gravitation towards certain types of pedagogy and didactical practices.

In the Tasks of this strand we invite teachers to: solve a mathematical problem; examine a (fictional yet research- and practice-informed) solution proposed by one student (or more) and, in some versions, a (fictional yet research- and practice-informed) teacher response to the student; and, describe the approach they themselves would adopt in this classroom situation. Teacher engagement with these Tasks, have allowed us to access a range of teacher knowledge and beliefs (epistemological and pedagogical). For example, we engage with questions such as: What is the role of visualisation in mathematics and mathematical learning? Is a graph-based argument an acceptable argument in the mathematics classroom? Do teachers prioritise mathematical, pedagogical or curricular considerations when they make decisions about their teaching? You can find examples of Tasks and publications from this strand below.

The Tangent Task


The Tangent-N Task


The Algebra Task


The Limits Task


The Definite Integral Task


The Factorisation Task


The Modulus Task


The Solving Angles Task


The Problem Solving Task


The Quadratic Equations Task


The Solving a Quadratic Equation Task


The Solving a Quadratic Equation (Factorisation) Task


The Inequalities Task


The Reasoning Task


The L-shaped Garden Task


The Rounding Task


The Iteration Task


The Differenctial Equation Task


The Rectangle Card Task


The Distributive property


The Rectangles and Triangles Task - 1


The Rectangles and Triangles Task - 2


The Calculations Task


The "Not a prime" Task


The Identity Task


The Split a Rectangle Task - 1


The Similar Shapes Task


The Tables Task


The Inverse Proportions Task