MacroAromatics is a synthetic chemistry collective operated by organic chemistry specialists, developing high-quality synthesis of bespoke high-purity macrocyclic organic materials for many applications, as well as expert consultancy on macrocycle applications and research.


  • extensive range of macrocyclic organic materials readily available for diverse science applications
  • macrocyclic product design services readily available
  • high Purity (>99%) chemical synthesis services
  • expert consultancy in molecular design and macrocyclic synthesis.

Many sectors require the use of macrocyclic compounds, such as molecular electronics, magnetics, optics, optoelectronics and photosensitizers, among many others. These high-value molecules include phthalocyanines, porphyrins, triphenylenes, discotic liquid crystals and many other macrocyclic compounds and their diverse classes. As future technology develops for their use in new innovations, demand will inevitably continue to rise, which will require high quality supply, availability and specialist consultancy.

MacroAromatics offer high-quality synthesis of bespoke organic materials including macrocyclic dyes, chromophores and fluorophores, broad and narrow-band optical absorbers between visible-near-IR and liquid crystals including discotic liquid crystals. Also offered is expert consultancy from leading researchers in macrocyclic synthesis, including generating new class molecules, and offer advice on macrocycle applications and research.



Molecular electronics, magnetics, optics, optoelectronics, liquid crystals, photosensitizers, organic dyes, chromophore and fluorophore applications, broad/narrow-band optical absorbers.



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Principal Investigator

Team led by Professor Andy Cammidge


Further Details

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