Committee Secretary: Chief Resource Officer, Mr Ian Callaghan (for governance and reporting aspects), email / Director of People and Culture, Mrs Helen Wiseman) (for discussion of specfic individual salaries) 

Mrs Jessica Pointer (Committee Administration support):  email 

Governance Office: Mrs Rebecca Phillips,: email

Ex officio

The Deputy Chair of Council (Chair)

The Chair of Council

The Treasurer

Independent Member of Council (Jeanette Wheeler)

One of the Student Members of Council


In attendance              

Remuneration Consultant, where required

The Vice-Chancellor (except in respect of his own remuneration)



Chief Resource Officer (for governance and reporting aspects)

Director of People and Culture (for discussion of specific individual salaries)

1. To determine and recommend to Council the remuneration policy for the Senior Officers of the University.  The current roles covered by the Committee are:


a. Vice-Chancellor

b. Deputy Vice-Chancellor

c. Pro Vice-Chancellors

d. Chief Operating Officer

e. Chief Resources Officer

f. The Director of Finance

g. The Director of People and Culture

h. The Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing

i. The Director of Student and Academic Services

j. The Director of Research and Innovation Division

k. The Director of Sport and Commercial Services

l. The Director of Estates

m. The Director of Development and Campaigns

n. The Director of Information Services


2. To review, agree and report to Council on an annual basis, the remuneration for the above officers.


3. To review, and recommend to Council the remuneration policy in respect of all staff whose remuneration will exceed the limit set from time to time by the Office for Students (currently £150,000 inclusive of pension contributions and any benefits).


4. To agree, with the Vice-Chancellor recruitment salary ranges for Executive Team posts.  Where salary negotiations exceed the agreed range, any further offer shall be made in consultation with the Chair of SORC.


5. To ensure that all relevant information is obtained to enable appropriate discussion to take place and that all required reporting may be undertaken.