Committee Secretary: Chief Resource Officer, Ian Callaghan (for governance and reporting aspects), email / Director of People and Culture, Helen Wiseman) (for discussion of specific individual salaries) 

Governance Office: / Rebecca Phillips (Governance Administrator): email


A lay member of Council appointed by Council (Chair) – currently the Deputy Chair of Council (Jeremy Clayton)
The Chair of Council 
The Treasurer 
An Independent Member of Council (Jeanette Wheeler) 
One of the Student Members of Council (Serene Shibli)

In attendance               
o    Remuneration Consultant, where required 
o    Secretary  - University Secretary (for governance and reporting aspects); and Director of People and Culture in attendance (for discussion of specific individual salaries) 

The Committee will

1)    recommend to Council the University’s remuneration policy for the *Senior Officers of the University and for all staff whose remuneration will exceed the limit set from time to time by the Office for Students (currently £150,000 exclusive of pension contributions and any benefits).

2)    on behalf of Council review, agree and report to Council on an annual basis the remuneration of the Chair of Council.

3)    approve the guidance explaining how the policy will be implemented by SORC for *Senior Officers, and by University Promotions Committee for other staff on individual salaries exceeding £150,000 exclusive of pension contributions and any benefits.   

4)    in line with the approved guidance, review, agree and report to Council on an annual basis, the remuneration for the University’s *Senior Officers ensuring that all reporting for legal or regulatory reasons can be delivered.

5)    on behalf of Council, ensure that systems are in place for the effective remuneration of those staff with remuneration in excess of the OfS limit  (benchmarked against an agreed comparator group of other Universities) and that these are being monitored.  

6)    agree, with the Vice-Chancellor, the recruitment salary ranges for Executive Team posts.  Where salary negotiations exceed the agreed range, any further offer shall be made in consultation with the Chair of SORC.

7)    SORC/Chair of SORC approval is required if a starting salary in excess of the OfS limit is to be offered to a new member of staff.

8)    amend as necessary the terms and conditions of the Vice Chancellor and University Secretary.
9)    The SORC will consider any other matters that Council may ask the Committee to address and periodically review its own effectiveness and report the results of that review to Council.

10)    The Committee may, if it considers it necessary or desirable, recommend to Governance Committee that Council appoint co-opted members with particular expertise.

*Senior officers of the University defined as:  Vice-Chancellor, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellors, Chief Resources Officer & University Secretary,  and the Directors of Professional Services (Finance, People and Culture, Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing, Research and Innovation, Sport and Commercial Services, Estates, Development and Campaigns, Data and Digital).