UEA Strategy 2030 defines our mission and vision for 2030, the things we will ‘do different’ and the values we will live by.

Extensive consultation over several months with students, staff, alumni and external stakeholders has shaped our vision and ambitions.  

In delivering our strategy we will focus on:

  1. The aspirations and needs of prospective and current students. Through progressive approaches to learning, teaching and support, we will ensure that their experiences and outcomes are rich and compelling.
  2. The scale and impact of our research. By concentrating on areas of international excellence and embracing interdisciplinary approaches we will drive enhancement. 
  3. The way we operate as an organisation. We will build an outstanding and sustainable business model that has excellent systems and processes and encourages our staff to engage fully with our mission. 

In the next phase of our work, we will be implementing the key themes introduced in our strategy and using key performance indicators to monitor progress.

It is important that our implementation is agile and responsive to changing circumstances. We plan to revisit the strategy on an annual basis to review progress formally and amend our work plan as appropriate.

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UEA Strategy 2030 infographic

Diagram showing the vision, themes and principles of the UEA 2030 Vision

Our vision 

  • Solving the challenges of our changing world by working together sustainably


  • Research and innovation
  • Student education and experience
  • Organisation development


  • Ambition 
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment
  • Respect

Our mission

UEA’s Royal Charter outlines our mission as ‘for the public benefit, the advancement of education and research’. 

This clear focus on excellence in both research and innovation, and student education and experience stands true today and for the future. We remain committed to serving the needs of society and providing economic and social value across the twin themes of education and research.

Our vision

Solving the challenges of our changing world by working together sustainably

  • We will solve challenges by harnessing the transformative power of our research and education to develop solutions to grand challenges. The world is in a constant state of flux, creating both threats and opportunities. We will understand and evidence the challenges and offer pragmatic solutions that will make a real difference across science, society and the economy – at all scales, from local to global.
  • We will work together with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity. Global challenges cannot be addressed by individuals alone, we will be most successful when we work together. We are collaborative by nature, acting together across our broad community, being inclusive in our approach. Interdisciplinarity is reflected in our original intellectual and physical architecture which was explicitly designed to blur traditional academic boundaries. We will continue to ensure we work and think without borders.
  • We will be sustainable across our economic, environmental and societal activities. We contribute to delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals and are a world leader in environmental sustainability research and teaching. We will bring this insight to our own activities to ensure we are truly sustainable. We also focus on both economic and social sustainability. It is important that we operate sustainably, and that we are an exemplar for others by producing excellent research and by educating outstanding graduates who share our vision and values.