Senate Student Discipline Committee

Committee Membership: Committee Chair, 4-5 members per Faculty plus four Panel Chairs plus a student member nominated by the Union of UEA Students.

Note: Whilst formally constituted as a Committee the work of the Committee is undertaken by SSDC panels. The SSDC Chair plus four other named, and trained, members are able to chair SSDC panels which sit in a particular mode determined by the nature of the alleged offence. The mode of the panel hearing determines the number of members sitting on the panel and whether a student member or external member is required. External members are required for hearings concerned with professionalism and are drawn from the relevant profession.  The Chair has the right to co-opt members.

*Members of the Senate Student Discipline Committee, who may chair a Senate Student Discipline Panel


Senate Student Discipline Committee:

Chair                                      *Professor A Ganesan, PHA (2024)

Deputy Chair                       *Dr Piers Fleming, PSY (2025)


Senate Student Discipline Appeals Committee:

Chair                                      *Professor Cathie Carmichael, HIS (2027)

Deputy Chair                        To be filled by the current pool of panel chairs when required


SSDC & SSDAC Panel Members:         


*Dr Emma Long, AMA (2023)

*Dr Rachael McLennan AMA (2023)

*Dr Tom Phillips, IIH (2027)

Dr Joel Halcomb, HIS (2023)

Dr Rebecca Pinner, LDC (2023)

Dr Mark Hobbs, IIH (2024)

Dr Jo Poppleton, LDC (2024)

Dr Mark Thompson, HIS (2025)

Dr Michael Kyriacou, IIH (2025)



*Mr Lawrence Hill, HSC (2024)

*Dr Gillian Price, MED (2027)

*Ms Karan Botsford, HSC (2024)

Dr Helen Adcock, MED (2024)

Ms Charmaine Chandler, HSC (2025)

Mr Simon Rose, HSC (2025)



*Professor A Ganesan, PHA (2024)

Dr Gary Rowley, BIO (2024)

Dr James Desborough, PHA (2024)

Professor Julea Butt, BIO (2024)

Dr James Mapp, CMP (2024)

Dr Simon Butler, BIO (2024)

Professor Neil Ward, ENV (2025)

Dr Leoni Palmer, PHA (2025)



*Dr Joel Clovis, ECO (2024)

*Dr Andrea Calef, ECO (2025)

*Dr Piers Fleming, PSY (2025)

*Dr Victoria Scaife, PSY (2027)

Dr Alfonso Avila-Merino, NBS (2024)

Dr Georgios Papadopoulos, ECO (2024)

Mr David Jones, EDU (2024)

Dr David Savage, EDU (2025)

Dr Tola Amodu, LAW (2025)


SSDC Secretary:                  Mrs L Thompson

SSDAC Secretary:               Mrs C Sauverin


Student Panel Members:     One student member: nominated by the Union of UEA Students having regard to the Senate Student Discipline Panel in question.