Humans are especially reliant on vision. Eye Tracking is a way of recording where people look, when, and for how long. We don’t always fully (consciously) control our eye movements and so eye tracking can lead to a number of insights regarding how we interact with the world.

Here at the School of Psychology researchers have access to an Eyelink 1000 eye tracking system, Tobii tx300 portable eye tracking system as well as SMI portable eye-tracking glasses.

Eye tracking equipment is utilised by researchers in a various ways. For example, in the above film, our portable SMI eye tracking glasses are being used to assess how our use of language influences the way we look at things. We also use our other eye trackers to analyse where we look when we engage with other people, the way people read and how this is influenced by dyslexia, how anxiety can relate to the way you look at the world, and many other areas.