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What is it like to be a UEA Engineer?

I knew I wanted to go to university and the subjects I studied at A Level fitted perfectly with the Energy Engineering syllabus at UEA. 

If you enjoy doing hands-on activities, and like learning about how things work, have a think about UEA engineering. Even if you like the sound of engineering but don't really like one aspect, there is bound to be an engineering degree which suits you. 

The UEA engineering community is an incredible collection of people from all walks of life. If you are willing to show enthusiasm for engineering, you will go far with your career and the community will support you in your choices.

UEA have a huge range of opportunities for you to get involved in. The range of industries that come in to UEA is very wide-reaching and there is bound to be a company out there which could lead to employment after you graduate. UEA Engineering is also very good at getting the small, local companies in, which you have never heard of before. These are normally the companies that are most interested in you, but are hard to find otherwise. 

What I love about engineering is that it takes aspects from all over science: a bit of chemistry, physics, and maths. The most exciting part is being able to take a real-world problem and turn it into a tangible solution. Most of all, I enjoy the projects we do. They're a great way of being creative while using a scientific approach.

Engineering is such a broad and expansive subject that it can accommodate everyone. Whether you have an interest in designing or making things or problem solving in general, engineering is a fantastic subject to explore. There are so many opportunities for every aspect that you find the most interesting. 

The UEA Engineering community from my perspective is very inclusive. Everyone is very open and easy to have a conversation with, which really gives you a sense of belonging. 

The typical day mostly consists of working on various projects or coursework in between lectures, while still having plenty of time to enjoy your free time and hobbies. From my experience, a lot of time was spent on the dissertation, however the whole experience was very rewarding as you can see your hard work all come together.

About the UEA Engineering community

The UEA engineering community is friendly. There is an encouraging environment with multiple opportunities to learn and challenge your current skillset.
I love talking with my UEA lecturers! I got to discuss my concerns with them, and they gave me some good advice.


We have a dedicated team of experts who deliver employability opportunities designed for engineering students.

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UEA Engineering funds student memberships to professional bodies like IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) and IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) which are very helpful in delivering information on the current world of engineering and opening new opportunities.

I graduated from UEA with a job offer that came from the Select Partnership Scheme. I spend six months working on Japan's first commercial offshore windfarm, Akita Noshiro, then moved into business development, exploring new business ventures.

Engineers enable the world to transition to renewable energy, one project at a time. There is collaborative support within UEA Engineering, regardless of exeperience or project type. Those with different backgrounds and epxeriences are always willing to listen to ideas and consider anything you bring to the table.

After graduation, I would like to work as a renewable energy engineer in South Africa and do my bit to make a more climate-friendly country. I want to use our natural resources for the benefit of everyone.

My tops tip for aspiring engineers are:

  1. Use all the opportunities given to you as a student to learn and experience as much as you can.
  2. Always remain curious. Curiosity is an engineer's best asset.

International Students

The UEA Engineering community includes many international students.

Nozomu came to UEA from Japan and graduated in 2020 with an MSc in Energy Engineering.

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Andy moved to Norwich from Sierra Leone to study MSc Energy Engineering with Environmental Management here at UEA. Hear his story:


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