We asked three of our ECO alumnus and mentors some questions regarding the ECO mentoring scheme.

Here’s what they had to say.


What made you want to be a mentor?

“I wanted to be able to give back to people whose position I was in only a few years ago. I know how difficult it can be to juggle study, applying for jobs and everything else at uni, and got some real help from mentors whilst I was at UEA.”

“I wanted to help undergraduates understand the job market more and support them get through their job searches and interview processes by sharing my experiences, tips and other advice.”

“I had previous experience as a mentee which had a profound influence on my development.”

What do you hope your mentees will gain from this experience?

“An understanding for what post university experience looks like, and a clearer view of what management accounting and general business finance roles look like.”

“That they feel more aware and knowledgeable of the range of roles and industries after graduation.”

“An insight in to what the professional life is like, and how it can be sometimes very unforgiving, so it will not come as a shock to them at any point.”

What was the best part about being a mentor?

“Seeing the growth from the first engagement to the last.”

“Being told I was helpful and being able to provide a snapshot of my experience.”

“I got to see some development in the student’s thought process, and maturity, as well as their desire to challenge.”