The Molecular Microbiology theme addresses fundamental aspects of microbiology, microbial biochemistry and microbial ecology.

Microbes are Earth’s most successful organisms and they are the driving force in the evolution, development and success of multicellular organisms. Our molecular microbiological research spans topics ranging from the identification of novel antibiotics, the use of microbes in biotechnological applications and the effect of microbial communities on host fitness, disease and reproduction, to the role of microbes in driving global biogeochemical cycles. 

We link with other microbial biochemists in the School of Chemistry via the Centre for Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, a multidisciplinary biomolecular research centre bringing together scientists working at the interface between biology and chemistry to tackle important biological problems.

We also collaborate extensively with microbiologists in the Earlham Institute, the John Innes Centre and the Quadram Institute on the Norwich Research Park, under the auspices of 'Microbes in Norwich'.


Molecular Microbiology Group