Our academic thinking has been distinctive from the word go.

With a focus on interdisciplinarity across subjects, we continually innovate to produce internationally-renowned research that changes the world by influencing national policy and business decision-making in our areas of expertise.​

​Our researchers​

As part of Norwich Research Park and the Eastern Arc, Norwich Business School is home to a vibrant and engaged research community. We foster an open and dynamic culture that supports researchers to achieve academic excellence. The School’s research activities are coordinated by Director of Research Professor Sara Connolly.

​We have a system of support mechanisms in place to enhance the confidence and motivation of our staff, providing the training and infrastructure required to meet their research needs and aspirations. Work is structured around a number of broad subject groups, however we actively highlight opportunities for collaboration from university to global level.​


The School is committed to supporting UEA’s mission to research the big issues and make a positive impact on the world. Our focus is to strengthen individual research areas, improve the School’s research environment and develop a reputation as a business school that produces research that is both rigorous and highly relevant to users. We place a particular emphasis on the expansion of external research funding and collaborations to enhance and expand the impact of the work of our researchers.​

​Responsible business is a defining aspect of the School’s research. This involves a long term, sustainable approach to business practices that make a positive contribution to the 'triple bottom line‘: economic, social and environmental performance. Key themes include equality, corporate governance, responsible work practices, ethical marketing and green innovation.​


Our research benefits businesses, policy makers, non-governmental organisations, social enterprises and the general public. It’s led to better informed public policy, improved business performance and progress in sustainable development. 


The majority of our research funding comes from the research councils, but we have also undertaken research for businesses and public sector organisations. The success of our flat research structure is evidenced by the number of multidisciplinary grants we receive. ​

​The School’s external research activities are coordinated by UEA’s Research and Innovation team, who provide support in areas such as relationship management, research integrity and Research Excellence Framework and Higher Education Innovation Fund submissions.​