Parking at UEA is in high demand. Please explore alternative modes of transport ahead of parking on campus if possible.

Parking is in high demand on campus, and we advise car users to consider other transport alternatives. Free parking is available for staff and students through the Costessey Park and Ride.  

You can also use the free Personal Travel Planner tool to map out your journey and view a range of options available.

Please note that non-permit holders are charged a visitors parking rate, which you can find detailed below.

See the UEA parking map

UEA semester dates

Parking permits, charges and schemes

There are disabled parking spaces for Blue Badge holders across the UEA campus. If you have specific requirements or want to make specific arrangements, please contact:

Charges are collected by pay-on-foot machines in the Main Car Park (P1 on the campus map). On the rest of the campus, they are collected by Pay & Display.


  • Our payment machines are cash only, so please try to bring change required as reflected below.
  • Debit/credit card payments can be taken at the Lodge (near the main car park) between 8am–5pm, Monday–Friday.

Term time - main car park charges for visitors/non-permit holders

6am–10am, Monday to Friday

  • £5 per hour (or any part of)


10am–6pm, Monday to Friday

  • £3 per 2 hours
  • £3.50 per 3 hours
  • £4.50 per 4 hours
  • £5.50 per 5 hours
  • £6.50 per 6 hours
  • £7.50 per 7 hours


All other times, including weekends and bank holidays

  • £1 flat fee

Out of term time - main car park charges for visitors/non-permit holders

6am–2pm, Monday to Friday

  • £3 per 2 hours
  • £3.50 per 3 hours
  • £4.50 per 4 hours
  • £5.50 per 5 hours
  • £6.50 per 6 hours
  • £7.50 per 7 hours


2pm–6am, Monday to Friday

  • £1 flat fee


Weekends and Bank Holidays

  • £1 flat fee

Central and Suffolk Walk parking charges

6am–6pm, Monday to Friday

  • £3 per 2 hours


All other times, including weekends and bank holidays

Maximum stay 2 hours and no return within 4 hours

  • £1 flat fee

Lost parking token?

If you lose your token for the main car park, you can exit by pressing the Lost Token button on Pay Machine 1.

There is a £25 charge to obtain a new token. 

But if you later find your original token, you can claim a refund by bringing the token and receipt to The Lodge (between 8am–5pm, Monday–Friday).

Students and current members can apply for a permit online, using their UEA credentials.

Due to limitations with parking space on campus, priority for permits for students will be given to those with accessibility needs. This includes students with mobility issues, Blue Badge holders and those who have caring responsibilities. If you are unable to obtain a permit, please consider carpooling. UEA have a LiftShare scheme where you can find others travelling to campus from your area and share costs. Liftshare users can also apply for a shared permit.

Please note you will need to use the UEA VPN to be able to access the PermIT system. If you have issues with accessing the system or have questions relating to permits, please email

UEA car share scheme

Want to share your journey with others? UEA has a lift-share database you can use to connect with others who may be making a similar journey to you. A fantastic way to share costs and meet other commuters too.

Personal travel plan

Did you know that you can arrange a personal travel plan? UEA staff and students can use the Personal Travel Planner to learn which travel options are available, specifically for you.

Further services and support

Current staff and students can access a wide range of transport information on My UEA (please note this information requires a sign in).

Transport information (login required)

The University Security team is responsible for traffic enforcement on campus. 

They have two systems currently in place.

Permit holders

Any vehicle/driver registered on the UEA parking permit scheme which breaches our Terms and Conditions for Access and Parking will be dealt with via a warning and infringement system which could lead to revocation of the permit holder's parking permit.

  • We require all permit holders to display their UEA parking permit at all times, including when using barrier-controlled car parks.
  • Parking is, in the main, prioritised for permit holders. Displaying your permit helps us identify unauthorised users.
  • This is of particular importance to those visiting the west campus, specifically the Edith Cavell (ECB) and Bob Champion (BCRE) car parks.

Non-Permit holders

Any student, staff or visitor vehicle/driver who is not registered on the UEA parking permit scheme and which breaches the UEA Terms and Conditions for Access and Parking (and/or ignores associated signage on campus) will be dealt with via a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) for £100 (£60 if paid within 14 days).

  • PCNs are issued by the UEA Security team. But once issued, any payments or appeals should be forwarded to National Parking Enforcement Ltd, whose details are shown on the back of the tickets.

Please download our terms and conditions for access and parking for further details.

Reporting traffic violations

Please contact the Security Lodge if you have seen a vehicle on campus violating the University's regulations – either in its manner of driving or parking.

Tel: +44 (0)1603 592353

Email the Transport team