Do you want your gift to keep on giving?

Donations to the University of East Anglia help fund our life-changing work - from creating revolutionary new tests to diagnose aggressive prostate cancer to giving students from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to study at university through scholarships. 

But what if your gift could keep on giving – making a difference not only this year, but every year?

The UEA Pioneer Fund

Introducing the Pioneer Fund, UEA’s permanent endowment. Through the Pioneer Fund, charitable gifts to UEA are invested in a ‘low risk with growth’ policy, carefully managed by a specialist investment firm. This allows gifts to grow over time, having an even greater impact and making a lasting difference.

The fund is invested in line with the University’s strict ethical and environmental investment policy criteria and is carefully monitored, so you can make your gift to the Pioneer Fund with confidence.

We aim to generate at least 4% net growth each year after fees, which will have an even greater impact at UEA.

How you can make an endowed gift

As with all donations to UEA, gifts to the Pioneer Fund can fund a specific goal, such as scholarships or research, or can provide general support where the need is greatest. The Development Office can provide help and guidance on how best to achieve your personal aims.

If you would like to discuss making an endowed gift, or perhaps you just want to find out more, get in touch with the Development Office by email at or by calling us on +44(0)7342 056 328