We are committed to inspiring the next generation of researchers and scientists.

We work with our partners, external organisations and our own Faculty and Schools to host and support internships and placements.

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Our Internships and Placements

Our students and post graduate researchers are supported by our UEA CareerCentral. This is where we host lots of other internships, placement opportunities and career support.

  • Wellcome Biomedical Scholarship Petri Dish
    Wellcome Biomedical Vacation Scholarship
    The Faculty of Science, together with the sponsors of this scheme the Wellcome Trust, are committed to encouraging participation in postgraduate study. We were delighted to host several paid Biomedical research projects during summer 2021. The scheme will also run in summer 2022 and application instructions will be announced by January 2022.
  • Microscope in science lab
    BBSRC Research Experience Placement
    During summer 2021 the Faculty of Science at UEA was pleased to host one Research Experience Placement, funded by the BBSRC.
  • Student researching on field trip
    NERC Research Experience Placement
    During summer 2021 the ARIES Doctoral Training Partnership hosted several Research Experience Placements, funded by the NERC. The research projects took place at several host universities, including UEA.