Prof Susanne Lindqvist PhD, SFHEA, MSc, QTS, BSc, EMCC EQA Practitioner Level Coach 
Professor of Interprofessional Practice
Director for the Centre for Interprofessional Practice (CIPP)

I offer coaching to health and social care professionals

For me, coaching is something that can benefit anyone who wants to develop and learn.  It can be hard, as it requires effort and persistence, but it can also be very rewarding and powerful.  The coaching process can help you unlock your potential, overcome a challenge, make a decision, find a solution, resolve a conflict, and find life balance.  
Regardless of the reason for wanting to engage in coaching, one needs the right environment that help facilitate the necessary change and learning required.  ‘If there is a will there is a way’ to change and learn.  I can help create such an environment.

My style is gentle and non-judgmental.  My aim is to build a close relationship that feels safe and is built on mutual trust and respect for what both parties bring.  I embrace the principles of increasing awareness, that we have a choice and responsibility.  As with any relationship, I commit to those principles and I expect my coachee to do the same.  

I approach every coaching relationship with a genuine belief in my coachee and that they will make a significant step forward in terms of their greater goal, and that they will learn other things during the coaching journey.  My role in this partnership is to fully embrace the specific part of ‘the world’ that my coachee wishes to share so that I can understand their reality and the destination they aspire to reach.  As I do so, I will ask questions to raise the awareness so that my coachee can see their goal, and their different options to get there.  I may offer different tasks, or exercises, to facilitate this process, but the coachee will decide what is helpful.  

Coaching with me is a collaborative encounter.  I wish for my coachee to feel and be empowered and in control of the process.  I may challenge them, but will always check that they are OK – especially when I notice that they are entering a challenging/sensitive area.  

I always prepare for my sessions to make sure I am fully present with my coachee.  I expect my coachee to also have prepared so that we both respect the value and importance of our investment.  During sessions, I will carefully manage the time we have together to make sure my coachee makes progress and goes away with a clear idea of what they will do next.  After each session, I reflect so that I too can plan ahead for where I need to be when we meet next.

I believe that it is ‘all in the mind’.  Assuming we have a healthy mind, then coaching can be a highly impactful process.  It allows time to think, to imagine and appreciate what can and cannot be done, the better pathways at any given point, and the future possibilities.  

Coaching can be inspiring, life changing and energising – especially for the one who has decided to invest the necessary work and thought needed to develop and learn.  

Have you decided to invest in you?  If you want to be coached by me, then please get in touch via email on:

We will then set up a free ‘contracting session’, which will clarify expectations.  If, after this session, you want to go ahead, I normally offer six sessions, but this can be negotiated depending on need and change as we go along. Each session is one hour @ £100 and is all about you and the beginning of something new.  I offer reduced rates @ 50/hour if you: complete the six sessions, have been a UEA student, or regularly contribute to the education of health and social work professionals at UEA.
Money goes to CIPP and projects aiming to improve interprofessional practice.  

I look forward to working with you.