Scholarships and Awards

We have two schemes providing financial support for talented musicians:

Music Scholarships are open to new UEA undergraduates. You will need to apply and audition for the scholarship in the spring before you come to UEA. You can hold a Music Scholarship for three years and it is worth £1000 per year.

Find out more on our scholarship page

Music Centre Awards are open to all UEA students. The application deadline is in week 2 of the first semester and interviews and auditions will take place in weeks 4 and 5. Awards are made for one year and you can re-apply each year you are a UEA student. They are worth £800 per year.

Find out more on our award page

The interview and audition criteria are the same for both schemes. You can only hold an award under one of the schemes at a time.

If you are interested in applying for an award or scholarship, why not take a look at our previous Music Centre Award holders and Scholars profiles and learn how previous winners benefited from their awards and scholarships.