UEA Symphony Orchestra is a full Symphony Orchestra open to all by audition and tackling major repertoire. It is conducted by UEA Director of Music, Stuart Dunlop.  

Rehearsals and performances

UEA Symphony Orchestra enjoys membership from students, staff, and members of the local community. The orchestra rehearse on campus every Wednesday (18:30 - 21:15), during semester time, and perform either alone or with the UEA Choir at least twice a year. You can find details of past UEA Symphony Orchestra performances in our Events Archive.

UEA Symphony Orchestra’s 2020–2021 season will inevitably be affected by COVID-19. Our aims, which we will keep updated, will be to work towards a March concert with rehearsals starting in January. From September to December, we will focus on providing as varied a programme of events as we can. It looks likely that small-scale sessions will be the way to go initially. Recording or streaming performances which result, is a part of our planning. We will keep abreast of regulation and guidance. Currently these prohibit playing wind instruments in groups, but urgent research is going on and we expect the situation to change over time.

You can find details of forthcoming UEA Symphony Orchestra performances in our Upcoming Events Calendar.


UEA Symphony Orchestra is open to players of Grade 7 standard or above (however, there is no need to have passed any exams), who (ideally) have some orchestral experience.

UEA Symphony Orchestra has vacancies in all sections. However, we are particularly keen to recruit string players (all sections), horns and brass.

All players are auditioned, however, this year, due to ongoing social distancing regulations, you will be asked to do a recorded, rather than live, audition. You will be required to:
1.    Submit an online application form (or email us at musicevents@uea.ac.uk stating your: level of experience and instrument); 
2.    Record a 2-4 minute piece, or excerpt from a piece, as a video and upload it to YouTube as an unlisted item, then email the link to musicevents@uea.ac.uk by 11am on Friday 25 September 2020. 
Recording specifications:
•    Make sure the video and the sound quality are good enough to reflect your capability and allow us to hear clearly. If you use your phone to record please take care that the recording is as high quality as the device will allow
•    Please be in the video shot for your whole performance
•    Play a piece you feel comfortable with and which demonstrates what you can do. It can be anything you like, but please play unaccompanied, whether the piece has an accompaniment or not
•    We are looking for players who are able to tackle the advanced repertoire we perform. For examples see our YouTube channel. You do not need to have passed any grades, we just want to hear you play. If in doubt send us a recorded audition!
If you are unable to make a recording, but would still like to audition, please email us at musicevents@uea.ac.uk and we will do our best to help.


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