The Medical Aspirations Scholarship The Medical Aspirations Scholarship

The Medical Aspirations Scholarships are an extension of the Medical Aspirations programme, which begins with the Medical Aspirations Residential held at UEA each year. Particular schools are identified as being a key priority and the attendees of the Residential come from those schools. The Medical Aspirations Scholarships support students who attended the Residential course and went on to secure a place at Norwich Medical School, and is designed to support students from non-traditional medical backgrounds as they study at UEA. To find out more about the Medical Aspirations programme, please visit our webpages.


  • Level: Undergraduate 
  • Course: MBBS Medicine or MBBS Medicine with Foundation Year; must have attended the Medical Aspirations Residential
  • Fees: Home/ EU

What does it cover?

  • Value: Part or Full course fees
  • Duration of award: Four years
  • Tuition fees or maintenance: Either
  • Number available: Dependent on the number of eligible students

How do I apply?

  • You do not need to apply for this scholarship, all participants of the Medical Aspirations Residential will be automatically considered.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Scholarship Acceptance Terms and Conditions. If you are offered the Scholarship, you must be prepared to accept these terms.


Please visit our FAQ webpage for further information.

Why Medical Aspirations?

Watch the video below to hear more from our current Medical Aspirations Scholarship recipients.


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