We deliver specialist residential on campus and virtual programmes designed to develop academic skills and knowledge, enhance students’ understanding of British culture, to develop English language conversational skills, and to enrich a UK cultural learning experience. 

Our short courses provide the ideal opportunity to experience being taught by our world leading academic staff and learning from experts in their field including published writers, distinguished speakers and experienced researchers.

Our dedicated team will be able to put together a programme tailored to your specific requirements, and in addition to the academic content develop a schedule of social activities, academic field trips or virtual experiences, and accommodation and catering for on campus programmes.

As a visiting academic, I was truly impressed by the detailed behind the scenes planning and service delivery that the UEA team provided. Our students learnt a lot through their experiences and study, discovered the local area and had loads of fun too!

Dr Wendy Webber, Director, Student Experience at Deakin University, Australia